Our Core Commitments

At the Shaw Centre, our environmental and community giving responsibilities are fundamental to everything we do.


Our Core Commitments

At the Shaw Centre, our environmental and community giving responsibilities are fundamental to everything we do.

Working Toward A Greener
And More Giving World

The Shaw Centre approach to responsibility is two-fold: sound environmental practices must be in place from the very beginning, and thoughtful approaches to charitable giving should ensure that nothing is wasted in the end.

Environmental Responsibility

An exceptional commitment to a healthier planet

The Shaw Centre offers businesses, visitors and its staff an exceptional, environmentally healthy, and green meeting facility. The Board of Directors insist on strong environmental performance and leadership because of the Centre’s location and as a commitment to doing what is right for the future of the planet.

The Shaw Centre was constructed with materials that were regionally manufactured or recycled to contribute to the local economy and to mitigate pollution associated with transportation. Chosen finishing products such as carpets, millwork, and paints are low in volatile organic compounds. Air is preheated in winter as it enters the building to reduce energy costs and the facility utilizes low-flow plumbing to reduce water consumption and minimize impact on water and sewage treatment plants. A cistern system is in place to gather storm water that is recycled for toilet use and irrigation. A high-reflective roof was installed to minimize how the “heat island” effect can increase temperatures in urban settings and impact climate and wildlife.

The Centre also maintains a comprehensive waste management program, complete with advanced collection and sorting methods. An advanced green housekeeping and maintenance regime helps to ensure that the building operates in a healthy and environmentally responsible way for all guests, colleagues and exhibitors. In their work on the convention facilities, all contributors were encouraged to propose environmental innovations that would comply with LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), is North America’s leading third-party green building rating system. The Shaw Centre was awarded LEED Gold Certification in 2013.

Corporate & Social Responsibilities

The Shaw Centre cares and shares

At the Shaw Centre, we believe in giving back to our community – and we encourage those who gather here to join with us. We maintain three flexible corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that enable our clients to have a positive impact without an onerous time commitment. We’re happy to help identify the CSR initiative best aligned with your organization’s values and objectives.

Meal Share “Help end Childhood hunger”

Shaw Centre - Meal Share

They started out with just four partner restaurants in 2013. Since then, Mealshare has added more than 300 participating restaurants and has provided more than 1,000,000 meals to youth in need.

Mealshare is a national non-profit organization that believes every child has a right to nourishment. Managing partners Andrew Hall and Jeremy Bryant began with a long-term goal: to one day explain to their grandchildren how there used to be hungry children in the world.

At Shaw Centre, we’re happy to extend the opportunity for you to partner with this incredible organization in the fight to end youth hunger. You are invited to donate a lump sum (at your discretion) to be used to feed youth in need and help nurture the growing Mealshare initiative.

In turn, Shaw Centre will create marketing collateral for your event, announcing the exact number of meals that your company’s generous donation has provided on behalf of your guests via Mealshare.

Ask us about it and help us change the world, one meal at a time.

Food Rescue “Recovering surplus food for people in need”

Shaw Centre - Food Rescue

FoodRescue is an offshoot of Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue organization. Shaw Centre is an active contributor to the 34-year-old non-profit organization that redistributes surplus food from hotels, restaurants and institutions to people in need via the Ottawa Mission.

As a major convention centre, we feel that it’s our responsibility to donate surplus food in a safe and sustainable manner. FoodRescue not only provides the platform for this but also helps reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and tracks the number of meals we’ve provided to those in need.

Leave a Legacy

Paying it forward with what’s left behind

Shaw Centre - Leave a Legacy

Shaw Centre clients often make a difference by donating leftover goods to the Ottawa community with volunteer assistance from Shaw Centre colleagues.

Our Leave a Legacy program is a flexible and easy way to make a lasting community impact stemming from any Shaw Centre event.

Ask us how we can help you identify opportunities to donate anything left over: non-perishable food, obsolete marketing collateral, promotional items, furniture, displays, carpets, or almost anything else. We’ll look after all the arrangements to ensure your donation goes where it can make a difference.

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