The new facility will offer businesses and visitors a productive, healthy, dynamic and environmentally and technologically responsive venue which will allow clients to promote their enterprises and conduct their affairs responsibly, while at the same time enjoying a fulfilling professional experience.

Commitment to Environmental Design and Construction

The following goals must be met in the new facility:

  • Reduce the atmospheric impact of the new facility and its occupants;
  • Optimize on-site water management systems to reduce the consumption of potable water and the volume of storm and sanitary wastewater conveyed off-site;
  • Ensure healthy indoor environmental quality for the benefit of staff, visitors and clients/customers;
  • Contribute to the site’s urban ecology;
  • Optimize the use of sustainably harvested natural resources and other materials with low embodied energy and/or reduced ecological footprints;
  • Optimize building operation to reduce costs and support the reduced ecological footprint of the building;
  • Design and construct the new facility to last by avoiding obsolescence, premature replacement of parts and/or systems and undue burdens on maintenance regimes;
  • Highlight the building’s performance to raise awareness about the relationship between the building, its surrounding community and the local, regional and global environment;
  • Investigate and/or propose sustainability partnerships and alliances with green product manufacturers and technologies through a green procurement strategy;
  • Establish a new benchmark for green building certification for convention centres with the Canada Green Building Council and the LEED™ Green Building Rating System.