OCC logo

  • A representation of the tulip-inspired architecture, this logo features a series of light gradations, referring to the extraordinary reflections of waterfront, glass facade, and openness of the new building.
  • The historic canal waterway is alluded to with the wave-like graphic on the lower half, also imparting a sense of motion and momentum.
  • The striking definitive form gives a modern, contemporary feel that suggest accessibility, transparency, movement and connection. It also underlines the flexibility of spaces within the centre.
  • The soft curves of the logo imply a safe, welcoming, service-inspired atmosphere within the OCC, as well as the gentle ambiance of Ottawa
  • The colour green reflects both green spaces and environmental sensibilities which are core to the redevelopment project. The red banner at the top is representative of the national stage. The blue reflects Ottawa’s historical reliance on waterways and the use of boats and vessels to transport people and products.
  • The new tagline – Canada’s Meeting Place elevates the facility to a national stage, and suggests the new convention facility is a place for Canadian and international leaders.

The Ottawa Convention Centre is an agency of the Government of Ontario.