“The redevelopment of the Ottawa Convention Centre is on time and within budget,” said Pat Kelly, President of the OCC. “We will be opening our doors as scheduled in April, 2011 and welcoming a new slate of visitors, meetings and events to the nation’s capital.”

The installation of the crane took place over the last four days including the delivery of a mobile crane used to assemble the tower crane which arrived in sections. The assembly of the tower crane was dependant on good weather and wind speeds under 20/MPH to accommodate the lifting of the sections.

The crane is an instrumental device for the project allowing construction workers to lift and place mechanical, electrical and structural components such as air handlers, transfer switches and roof trusses. It can lift up to 20,000 kg and will be operated on a daily basis by a crane engineer who will climb the 280 feet every morning to get to the control cab.

Today, the installation of the final jib section is expected to be done which will stop pedestrian traffic temporarily on MacKenzie King Bridge. To ensure safety of all involved, flagmen will be in place to guide pedestrians during this time.

“The Ottawa skyline will look a little different for the next year and a half,” Mr. Kelly said. “Tremendous progress has been made to date by everyone involved. The project is an excellent example of partnership and collaboration at every turn. Ottawa should be proud.”