Ottawa’s biggest kitchen is now the city’s most festive as well. Shaw Centre has just unveiled a fresh, flavourful new menu that’s sure to delight event-goers from across Canada and around the world. The Centre’s menu has been infused with Executive Chef Patrick Turcot’s signature style of French cuisine with a trendy, playful twist and the results of his collaborative reinterpretation are as delicious as they are inventive.

Poutine for breakfast? Yes, please! Banana and chocolate-hazelnut French toast? Another winner. Guests at the Centre now have a range of options for every meal of the day, plus snacks, that are designed to refuel, refresh and even provide food for thought thanks to careful attention to showcasing the finest local and pan-Canadian ingredients.

“After more than 25 years in this industry, my culinary philosophy has become refined towards the mantra of honest simplicity,” explains Chef. “It’s important not to forget that eating should be a joyful experience. We wanted to create a range of options that reimagine fine dining in fresh and even humorous ways, making the food as accessible and approachable as it is flavourful. Our Mac & Cheese is a great example. We’ve taken a dish that everyone is familiar with but taken it to a whole new level with the addition of Migneron de Charlevoix cheese and duck confit. Another personal favourite is our lemon panna cotta dessert, which I happily describe as lemon pie, reinvented.”

Chef notes that Shaw Centre’s clientele is increasingly more knowledgeable about food, so they are looking for memorable dining experiences that also offer good value. “Instead of being intimidated by today’s heightened expectations, we looked at the opportunity to come up with new flavour profiles and elevated presentations as a fun challenge. I’m confident guests will love our new creations, whether they are enjoying a lunch buffet, a plated dinner or perhaps an evening reception with chefs at action stations. We’re ready to provide a feast for all the senses.”

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