January 4, 2018

Shaw Centre sends condolences to the family of Jim Shaw, former CEO of Shaw Communications Inc.

Jim Shaw passed away at the age of 60 following a brief illness, the Shaw family announced in a statement on Wednesday


Jim Shaw, former CEO of Shaw Communications. JEFF MCINTOSH/THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Shaw Centre led by its President & CEO Nina Kressler sends its condolences to the family of Jim Shaw, former President of Shaw Communications Inc., who died peacefully surrounded by family and friends on Wednesday (January 3 2018), following a brief illness.

The Shaw family praised him as a “master company builder” given his leadership skills, trust and willingness to reward success.

During his tenure, the company’s revenue grew $3.7 billion from $646 million. He oversaw an asset swap with Toronto cable giant Rogers Communications Inc. that solidified Shaw’s dominance in Western Canada (and Rogers’ in Ontario). He also steered the company to invest in fibre optic networks and upgrade its cables for digital services.

Shaw was CEO from 1998 until 2010, when he handed the reins to his younger brother, Brad.

Nina Kressler, President & CEO of the Shaw Centre said: “I would like to pass on the most sincere condolences from myself, our staff at the Shaw Centre, and the Ottawa business community to one of the pioneers of telecommunications in our country who as a confident entrepreneur and philanthropist, helped transform and deliver lasting impact. He will truly be missed by many.”

The award-winning Ottawa Convention Centre was renamed the Shaw Centre in 2014 under a 10-year naming rights deal with Shaw Communications Inc.