According to Shaw Centre Executive Chef Patrick Turcot, well-prepared food can transport diners all around the world on just a single plate. He and his culinary team have applied that philosophy to their newly-revamped menu which artfully integrates both Canadian and international dishes in creative and fantastically delicious ways.

When hired last year, Chef Turcot was given a clear mandate to focus on refreshing the menu, a pleasurable task for him given his experience working across Canada and around the world. “Prior to Shaw Centre I was in Quebec’s Charlevoix region which is an absolute hotbed of world-class, local ingredients,” he notes. “I am so proud to champion our Canadian producers on Shaw Centre’s new menu.”

New networking dinner stations are themed under two categories – Welcome to Ottawa and Shaw Experience, a coast-to-coast smorgasbord. Carefully-sourced, premium ingredients take centre stage in many dishes, whether it’s local darling Mrs. McGarrigle’s Mustard, Ontario boar bacon or PEI’s Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, named Canada’s finest. Numerous nods to Chef Turcot’s international travels have found their way to the menu as well. Togarashi-crusted tuna tataki is a standout, as is the miso-glazed cod with soba noodles. For lunch buffets, Indian and Mexican inspired menus are flavourful, fresh and ever so appealing.

“I really wanted to give extra value to the menu by sourcing out some specific Canadian products to make the dishes more special and, of course, more delicious,” confirms Chef Turcot. “It was energizing throughout the process to get input from many members of my team, especially Executive Sous Chef Jennifer Sands and Sous Chef Jody Ward. Collaboration is important because success in a kitchen of this size relies greatly on team effort. The creative process is one of the things that we all love about this profession, so why would I deny my staff that opportunity? I think as a team we have come up with a menu that will delight the palate of any guest – local, national, or international – whom we have the privilege to serve.